The Best After School Program and Summer Camp in Orlando!

Tired of Small Shopping Center Style Facilities? Tour our 5 Acre Sports Center.
  • We have a massive facility for our after school program and summer camp that sits on 5 acres of land providing an abundance of space for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to engage in healthy and fun activities in a safe supervised environment such as Karate, Soccer, Gymnastics, Basketball, Flag Football, Dance and more.
  • Your child’s education is important to us, we have a dedicated study room and give homework assistance if help is needed.

karate teacher louis garcia
Hi, I'm Louis. I am the proud owner of Unity Sports Center, karate instructor and coach and am excited to introduce you to our wonderful facility. My wife and I run the facility with the help of some outstanding coaches and instructors who have partnered with us. We take your child's health and education seriously and I invite you to come visit our facility, I am positive once you see it in person you will know you have found the right place.

After School Program for children ages 6-12 years old

We still have plenty of spots left for enrollment but we expect them to fill up fast, make sure to secure your spot by enrolling early. Call (407) 476-1921 or visit us at 14220 Thamhall Way, Orlando FL 32828.

All of Our Activities Included With Your Tuition

Worried your child will waste their after school hours or summer vacation on television or video games? Get them involved at Unity Sports Center and keep them active! Not only is our program full of games and activities, your child will make new friends as well as learn some new sports skills and gymnastics.

FREE Karate Classes With Your Tuition.

Our karate class is taught by a trained master who teaches traditional taekwondo. Normally this is a paid class in the evening hours (see more at Unity Martial Arts Academy) but free during the day for our Unity Sports Center enrollments.

FREE Bus Transportation Included in our After School Program

School’s out! Every day our school buses pick up children from local schools and bring them to our doors. If your child goes to school in one of the following areas we can provide bus pickup: East Avalon, Waterford Lakes, East Orlando, UCF area.

Our Activities Get Kids Moving and Keep Them Healthy.!

Below is a list of Activities Included in your Tuition:
Karate / Taekwondo Class

Learn taekwondo, a traditional martial arts, defense , sparring, by a skilled instructor. Aside from the obvious athletic and health benefits, your child can gain increased concentration, respect for others, self-confidence and self-esteem all while having fun. Get physically and mentally stronger. Learn complex movements that help with concentration, memory, and coordination. Learn discipline, self-control, respect, and courtesy. The challenges and difficulty will help them with perseverance and boost their self-confidence.


At Unity Sports Center your kid will learn the basics of soccer and have fun but there are also many benefits to the sport. Soccer develops agility, stamina, speed, endurance, strength, coordination skills, cognitive ability, stronger bones and muscles, decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, social lessons, teamwork, and can play an important role in your child’s social and physical development. Regular aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all its cells.

Homework Assistance

We take your child’s education and mental exercise just as seriously as we do physical exercise. We can help your child develop good homework habits. We will let you know how your child is doing with homework. We have a dedicated space for homework and your child can get help if they need it. When your child is able to successfully complete their homework they may feel more confident in school and participate more.


Is a healthy and fun sports kids not only enjoy but regular exercise can build the foundation for them staying active later in life. Learning the basics of basketball will also help your child with basic coordination, teamwork and making friends along the way.


Recreational gymnastics and skills learned can benefit a child’s overall development. Gymnastics incorporates flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, discipline and helps children become physically active. Healthy habits learned at an early age can stick with kids as they grow older and continue to remain active.

Freestyle Dance

Is a great way for kids to channel their seemingly boundless energy. Regular dancing can give a child a significant improvement in their overall physical health. Increased flexibility, stamina, range of motion, strength, muscle tone, balance and coordination, and overall cardiovascular health are some of the benefits of dancing.

Flag Football

Kids of all sizes are throwing and catching the football, pulling flags on defense, making interceptions, and running for 50-yard touchdowns – having fun at the same time, making friends, getting exercise. Flag Football helps kids learn to be a team player and socially interact and communicate with peers. Our coaches encourage sportsmanship on the sideline and on the field. Safety is important so Flag Football is a great non-contact athletic option.


All staff and coaches – whether new or returning – undergo a comprehensive hiring process which includes an application, interviews, references, and a comprehensive background check. Unity Sports Center adopts the highest hiring procedures established by local, state, and federal regulations.

Visit us Today Your Going to Love our facility once you see it in person. We have the largest indoor and outdoor play space in the area. Our After School activities are safe and fun as well as healthy and your kids will love it.