Learn the basics of Basketball and Have Fun while staying active.

kid holding a basketball with lots of basketballs in the background

Basketball Is a healthy and fun sports kids not only enjoy but regular exercise can build the foundation for them staying active later in life. Learning the basics of basketball will also help your child with basic coordination, teamwork and making friends along the way. Basketball helps to build endurance, motor control, ankle stability, balance, coordination, agility and social skills. It’s a high-intensity sport and helps with cardiovascular health, aerobic capacity, and energy levels, metabolism which can help with concentration in school. Basketball helps children understand teamwork, how to deal with triumph and defeat, skills that will help them throughout life.

kids playing basketball at Unity Sports Center
kids playing basketball at Unity Sports Center after school program
We have a very large facility both indoors and outdoor spaces with space for a wide range of activities without feeling crowded.
Free bus transportation from school is included with your tuition. We also provide homework assistance with a dedicated workspace.
Awarded Orange County Outstanding Partner in Education. We take your child’s mental exercise as seriously as we do physical exercise.