Included in your tuition Free Taekwondo Classes learn martial arts from Real Professional Masters have fun and gain self-confidence.

karate teacher training kid in Orlando karate class foreground trophy

Learn taekwondo, a traditional martial arts, defense , sparring, by a skilled instructor. Aside from the obvious athletic and health benefits, your child can gain increased concentration, respect for others, self-confidence and self-esteem all while having fun. Get physically and mentally stronger. Learn complex movements that help with concentration, memory, and coordination. Learn discipline, self-control, respect, and courtesy. The challenges and difficulty will help them with perseverance and boost their self-confidence.

kids paracitcing karate at Unity Sports Center in Orlando
kids posing for picture wearing karate uniforms
Kids holding certificates at karate class graduation ceremony
students training during Taekwondo class

Why choose Unity Sports Center for Kids Karate?

Our after-school karate classes are a safe, fun and convenient way to start learning.  Our professional instructors not only care about how our students develop skills in taekwondo and martial arts, but also how they develop their life skills and their confidence. Our karate lessons are not just for self-defense but also to teach self-control.

Not Just For Kids.

At night we have sperate classes in our Unity Martial Arts Academy for families and adults. Give yourself or your child a lifetime gift of confidence with Martial Arts with our school’s bullying program so they are never a victim of bullying.

We have a very large facility both indoors and outdoor spaces with space for a wide range of activities without feeling crowded.
Free bus transportation from school is included with your tuition. We also provide homework assistance with a dedicated workspace.
Awarded Orange County Outstanding Partner in Education. We take your child’s mental exercise as seriously as we do physical exercise.